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Duane and Shirley Wheeler purchased the business from Rita Baldus in 1975.  She and her husband, Mildford Baldus, established the business at its previous location one and one-half years earlier.  At that time, the business was known as Baldus Auto Parts and was an "American Parts" jobber store.  About 10 years later, the national logo was changed to "Big A Auto Parts." and Wheeler Auto Supply has remained independently owned through the years.  Son, Dan, joined the business in 1981 and managed most aspects of the business and handled all outside sales.

Automotive supplies available include filters, parts for ignition, exhaust, brakes, chassis, electrical and air conditioning systems.  In addition, paint was mixed for automotive, implement and appliance and sold in pint, quart and gallon sizes.  Also, custom mix paint pumped into aerosol spray cans for touch-up use and small jobs.

Duane oversaw a complete machine shop.  He custom made hydraulic and air-conditioner hoses according to customer specifications.

Daughter-in-law, Jonie, joined the business in October, 1992.

Dan and Jonie purchased the business January 1, 1996.  Duane and Shirley stayed on for a while assisting them with the transition.  Mom and Dad were employed by them for a time. Dan and Jonie stayed with Big A till October 1998. At that time, they switched to NAPA.

In March of 2010, Wheeler Auto Supply moved to a much larger building located at 513 Pennsylvania. This has allowed them to carry more inventory.

Thanks to all of our customers. Business has grown since. 

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